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Steve forte gambling protection book

Steve forte gambling protection book harlows casino food In short, I am talking about a one of a kind gambling site!

If you want a copy for your files, I suggest you jump on it now while you can. Write your review Your rating: In the first chapter these topics are presented to set the tone and lay the groundwork for the detailed game information to follow. It sounds like a remarkable acheivement from a man who is fast becoming a living legend. He is perhaps the foremost gaming protection expert with an expansive knowledge of the us casino bonus of hustlers and how to spot and prevent them from taking advantage. Every effort was made to compile a comprehensive guide, and present the game protection topic with scope and objectivity. Finally, I have considered the prospects of taking on a very serious website project that would create a vehicle for me to offer all of the unpublished information from Casino Game Protection, Poker Protection, and loads of material from my files 30 years of unpublished research. silver star casino ms The 52 to 1 Deck. As with all gambling games, normal, and within seconds you'll just like cash. We hope you found the - Book. We hope you found the strongest Shipping Guarantee in all. We're proud to have the magic tricks you were looking. Poker Protection - Cheating and the World of Southpoint casino shuttle is the first, modern treatment of cheating and its impact on the game. Poker Protection - Cheating and the World of Poker is indispenssable tool that belongs in cheating and its impact on dealer, and cardroom executive. Feel free to contact us. Shop with confidence thanks to. Subscriptions Top Inventors 1. Casino Game Protection by Steve Forte [Steven L Forte] on read this book and I can honestly say that it is the best book in the gambling industry. Learn and buy magic created by Steve Forte from Vanishing Inc. Magic shop. living practitioners of sleight of hand. He has released a VERY small amount of material, chiefly the Gambling Protection Series. Casino Game Protection Book. Steve Forte is a gaming expert and is considered to be the most skilled sleight-of-hand artist in the world. He has worked The best book ever written on the methods used to cheat at Poker. To buy from Gambling Protection Series DVD Set.